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Value statement

We are a multigenerational team, able to offer guidance and oversight across lifetimes, and equipped to understand the concerns and needs of multiple generations. With empathy, active listening and a high level of client service, we are here for our clients at every stage of their lives.

We seek to establish long-term relationships built on a foundation of mutual trust and respect. Collaboration allows us to inspire confidence in our clients and helps us articulate, establish and accomplish goals, as well as to revisit client objectives on a regular basis. We create individually constructed wealth management plans that cover the various aspects of our clients’ lives and use disciplined investment strategies to help them achieve their goals.

Investment philosophy

We construct portfolios from a client service perspective—portfolios are designed foremost to address our clients’ needs and their risk tolerance. We help maximize equity exposure, with a focus on quality and domestic markets, and add diversification through size, style, asset class and product. Through qualitative consideration, we want to help our clients achieve their wealth goals while addressing their immediate and long-term concerns.

Proud to work with a nationally recognized teammate

At The Sturtevant Group, we are very proud that Financial Advisor Amy Sturtevant has been named a Forbes Top Women Wealth Advisors Best-in-State in 2022, 2023 and 2024 and a Forbes Best-In-State Wealth Advisor in 2023. It’s an honor to have a teammate nationally recognized as one of the best in the industry—because it means we are serving our clients well. Congratulations, Amy!

Global Insight Monthly

Global Insight Cover Image - June 2024Longevity: Cracking the aging code

Science is developing ways to slow, stall, and possibly even reverse ageing. We explore the most promising advances and the link between scientific breakthroughs and intriguing investments.  Read the Global Insight Monthly »

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Whether you're a current client who would like to review your portfolio, or a potential client that would like to learn more about our approach, we would love to hear from you. Contact us to set up a consultation.

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