A personalized approach

Our Wealth Management approach begins by developing your financial profile. Before discussing any goals and strategies, we want to understand who you are. We start with the basics by gathering financial information and discussing your tolerance for risk, but we want to go beyond your financials. Tell us about upcoming life events, your family and your personal goals. Also, let us know what your expectations are of The Totland Group.

Goal oriented

Next, as we get to know you and your family, the process of setting goals will begin. When do you want to retire? What will your cash flow needs be then? What kind of legacy do you want to create for your family or others? Just as important: What will your needs be between now and then? There are many goals outside of retirement. Whether buying a home, purchasing a second home, funding your children’s education, charitable giving, or affording that foreign vacation, there are many activities between now and retirement that require planning, time and a coordination of your financial assets. The Totland Group will work with you to develop and prioritize a realistic set of goals, and then, together, pursue those goals using strategies based on the group’s experience and the experience and resources of RBC.

Customized solutions

With your goals set forward, The Totland Group will develop an investment plan for you around a customized asset allocation and strategy that will help you reach each of your goals. With our access to non-proprietary products and RBC’s wide selection of world-class products and services, we have the tools to meet your needs.

An oft heard phrase around our office is: “Change is our only certainty.” This is especially true in the investment world. As your life and the market changes, we will review the strategies and solutions set in place to ensure that they are the best available to reach your goals.

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Your core wealth

When you partner with The Totland Group, you gain access to a team that has the ability to not only work with you through your entire financial life, but the ability to help build and maintain your legacy for generations to come. Having more than one team member assigned to and familiar with your account, you will have consistent access to unbiased advice and unparalleled service.

Finally, an effective wealth management plan involves the coordinated efforts of multiple professionals including your CPA, attorney, and others. Most often, the needed skills and knowledge are available only by assembling a complete planning team. The Totland Group will work with you, and help coordinate the efforts of your trusted advisors.

Our philosophy

  • Know You - Your goals, your concerns, your tax situation, your estate plan.
  • Serve You - To be available, to answer your questions, to educate you, to solve problems, to contact you regularly.
  • Be Competent - Experience matters and we have over 20 years of it. We still seek regular enhanced training and education in our areas of specialization. We work with local professionals such as tax, estate planning, insurance, and philanthropic advisors to ensure we are delivering an appropriate integrated financial solution.
  • Be Honest - We will always serve your interest first. We will disclose the pros and cons of each product and the fees or any services that we provide prior to your commitment.