Investment philosophy

We adhere to a disciplined investment approach to wealth management that is guided by time-tested principles and practices.
We are convinced that the primary determinant of real-life returns is not investment performance but investor behavior. To that end we believe:
  • In investing, not speculating. Success doesn’t come from trying to time the market or chase the latest fad.
  • Patience and discipline — not emotions — are proven methods for long-term success. A methodical, proactive approach to wealth management planning provides a better result than a reactionary, undisciplined one.
  • Our role is to understand your objectives and provide investment advice that suits your situation. All financial decisions must be made in terms of how they affect your overall plan.
  • Coordination with your tax and legal advisors is essential to the success of your financial future.
  • Problem solving and meeting your needs is our top priority.
  • Treating you with respect and protecting your privacy is the best way to earn your trust.
We employ a disciplined approach to investing to help you achieve your investment objectives.