Our process

Our most treasured asset is our clients’ trust

Our mission at The Westside Group is to understand your financial needs and concerns so we can provide trustworthy counsel, solutions and guidance on your specific aspirations. Your priorities will stay top-of-mind through your financial journey.

Discovery meeting for prospective clients

It’s important for both sides to determine if we would be a good fit. Questions we discuss include your core beliefs, how you may benefit from our services and what you need from your financial advisor.

A complete evaluation

We will discuss where you are in your current wealth journey, and where you want to go. This includes reviewing your current financial situation, flushing out your specific goals and dreams, and listening to concerns you may have about achieving them.

Strategy meeting

We will present your unique and personalized wealth plan highlighting a strategy designed to attain your goals (including retirement income planning), review asset allocation recommendations, discuss estate planning services and provide risk management and insurance strategies for consideration. We will also discuss any changes that may be needed to help reach your goals. Your wealth plan is not a finite product but rather an ongoing process.


We administer the steps needed to get put your plan into action, including overseeing account opening. We can collaborate with CPAs, estate attorneys and other professionals involved to help provide you with a team review of your financial situation.


A good relationship keeps what’s important to you in focus as life changes happen. We strive to communicate with you as often as is necessary to keep that relationship strong. As changes occur, we determine how they may impact your plan and strategize any course correction if needed.

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