Who we serve

Each client is unique, with different dreams and different challenges at different stages of life. The same investment strategy simply does not work for everyone. From years of listening to our clients, we have developed our practice with a focus on your specific concerns, and we have the expertise to deliver a wealth management strategy that is right for you.

At WE Wealth Management Group, we provide personalized wealth management solutions including:

  • Estate planning strategies for individuals and families
  • Wealth management strategies for corporate executives
  • Personalized financial strategies for women
  • Investment programs for healthcare practices
  • Investment strategies for small businesses

Speak up for inclusion

When that little voice in your head tells you to stay silent, it’s time to find yours and use it to speak up for inclusion.

The WE Wealth Management Group in the news

February 2023: Blaine Gibson shares how he has witnessed firsthand people in successful careers make financial mistakes. He saw it up close in his own family when he watched his father try to fix his aunt’s missteps with a family estate plan. This common experience was so stressful and time-consuming for his family that Blaine was inspired to learn more about how he could help people have better experiences with money. He found his way into wealth management, a career that has been deemed the perfect fit for him. The industry has provided him opportunities to help clients pursue financial success, and also offered ways for him to volunteer, teach financial education and advocate for Black students to consider a career that he’s found so fulfilling. Read more about his advocacy for financial empowerment, mentorship and recruitment of diverse talent here.

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The fall issue of RBC Wealth Management’s Prosper·US magazine features stories of the women financial advisors who use the firm’s capabilities to serve their clients and help them prepare for retirement and other financial goals. Read more about our client first approach in these inspiring stories.

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