Business transition

The thought of selling a business is daunting to many business owners. You have invested many hard years of work to establish and grow your company and now it’s time to transition to a new phase of life. Our group, in conjunction with best in class partners, can help you transition your business. Together with your other trusted advisors, we can help you execute your transaction of a lifetime.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs)

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are one way for you to sell all or part of your shares of your business to a retirement plan, without giving up voting power. This can be a useful tool for you to either completely transition away from a business, or diversify some of your risk. An ESOP also can be used to enhance the selling price to another firm, or can be used as a financing tool for expansion of your business.

If your business qualifies, the use of a 1042 exchange in ESOP transaction can be tax deferred or potentially tax-free to the selling individual.

Private equity/mergers and acquisitions

By partnering with our Corporate and Executive Services and RBC Capital Markets, we can guide corporations and their executives through regulatory complexities while delivering an array of sophisticated investment options to help you feel confident about your professional and personal financial responsibilities.

We offer an extensive range of products while leveraging the full breadth of the RBC Wealth Management platform:

  • Investment banking
  • Affiliated trading programs
  • Employee stock plan administration
  • Restricted stock transactions
  • Directed share plans
  • Pre/post initial public offering (IPO) planning
  • Corporate buybacks
  • Structured products
  • Corporate retirement plan consulting
  • Equity risk management 

Through individualized consulting with experienced specialists, we can customize solutions for your unique needs. We can help ensure important decisions are made in conjunction with your other wealth management goals.

Interfamily/closely held sale

We can also help you better transition your sale to a family member, or another close party through either a direct sale or the use of an ESOP and Management Stock Ownership Plan (MSOP).

With this breadth of knowledge, our group is able to help guide you down the best path for your transaction. This means you will have full clarity of the transaction and be able to understand the financial impact of your sale, as well as sell your business in the most tax-considerate manner.  Please contact Aaron to discuss how he can help you transition your business.