Our approach to wealth management

Your plan may be for retirement, education, wealth transfer, estate planning or simply income generation. We focus on conservative portfolio solutions with an emphasis on income generating investments.

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality, consistency and tax efficiency with an eye toward lower volatility.

The solution may include tax-free bonds, corporate or government bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, blue chip stocks, or alternative investments. We maintain complete objectivity when recommending solutions to meet your goals. Our only criteria is that any particular investment meet our strict quality parameters.

Once your plan is implemented, the monitoring and adjustment phase is ongoing throughout our relationship. Just as the stock and bond markets evolve, so does our approach and your asset allocation. We adjust our risk profile as the markets dictate or your needs and goals change.

We are proud to be a part of the long and rich history of RBC, whose roots date back to 1895. We are partnered with one of the strongest financial institutions in North America. 

  • RBC carries the highest credit rating of any financial institution — S&P AAMoody’s A1
  • Equity research from RBC Capital Markets has more than 150 analysts covering over 1,500 companies globally
  • RBC employs approximately 80,000 employees and operates in 39 countries. All with one common goal, to help you achieve your financial goals.