A team and process to help you grow more than wealth

Over the last 35 years, our team has developed and refined a process we call the VFORMula, named after the V-like shape birds fly in when they migrate. Like birds flying in a V-formation, our process provides a proven and consistent method for our clients on their journey to achieving their financial goals.

The VFORMula helps our clients organize their financial lives around what matters most to them:

Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Money.

After using FORM to understand what matters most to our clients, we create a personalized plan for them based on our seven core pillars listed below:

  • Wealth Management
  • Risk Management
  • Tax Considerations
  • Estate Planning Services – Personal and Business
  • Cash Flow and Debt Planning
  • Philanthropy
  • Value-Added Services 

Once their plan is complete, we help with implementation and adjustments over time based on their changing goals and circumstances, acting as guide rails to keep our clients on the path toward their unique version of financial success.

Financial success is a matter of choice, not chance; it is an ongoing process, not an event. Helping our clients achieve this and celebrating their progress along the way is the most fulfilling part of our job.

For more information about our team's process, watch the video on this page under What makes us different or click here to read more. 

What makes us different?

Our founder Larry Andrews Jr. discusses who we are, what we do, who we work with, and what makes us different.

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