Early years

Our team, The Andrews Group, was founded in 1984 by Larry Andrews.   In those early years, before modern investment technology, we acted as the liaison between people and the investment world.

Moving towards planning 

As information became more accessible through the internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the financial services industry started to change – and so did our team.  In 2001, shortly after Larry became a CFP practitioner, our team began to embrace financial planning and started to implement a planning first mentality.  To us, planning first means taking the time to understand what is most important to our clients, learning about their goals, and financial situation before we provide any specific advice.  All these years later, we are still affirmed that good planning leads to good advice.

Developing our process

Around the time our team was transitioning towards becoming planning first, Larry started to notice that although every client situation is different, they tended to have some common underlying themes.  In the years since, we have collected, sorted through, and refined those common client themes to create our process; the VFORMula. The VFORMula focuses on understanding what is most important to our clients, centered around FORM, which stands for family, occupation, recreation, and money. To this day, we continue to refine the VFORMula to best serve our clients. 

Transitioning to RBC Wealth Management

In 2005, after more than 20 years at Merrill Lynch, our team joined RBC Wealth Management.  At the time, RBC Wealth Management was a small firm with helpful people and a great culture that we saw as a fit for how we wanted to help our clients.  In the years since then, our business has grown and so has the RBC name, but the environment and helpful culture at RBC Wealth Management has remained the same.

Planning for the future

Recently, a core focus for our team, as well as the rest of the financial services industry, has been succession.  Although Larry does not plan on retiring soon, we want to make sure our clients are taken care of no matter what happens. So, as good financial planners would, we made a plan and brought on two younger advisors, Larry III (2017) and Curran (2021). Since they have joined our team, we have focused on educating them and teaching them how to do the business the right way.  Having these younger advisors on our team allows us to feel confident that our clients will be in good hands for a long time.  

We come to work every day excited to help our clients and work on the complex problems that they face. In our nearly 40 years as a team, we have seen countless unique client situations and feel confident that using our process, we can develop a strategy to help you optimize your personal financial goals. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you soon!

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