As a team, we strive to help our clients with all aspects of their financial lives. Below are our core pillars and information on the services we provide for each pillar.


Wealth planning

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of your values and what is most important to you
  • Collaborate with you to develop realistic financial goals
  • Work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional to prepare and implement an RBC WealthPlan
  • Proactively carry out financial strategies that align with your values and help you achieve your goals
  • Adjust your financial circumstances as your life changes

Wealth management

  • Prepare an asset allocation strategy that align with your risk tolerance and time horizon
  • Invest and actively review your investment account(s)
  • Proactively make adjustments to your portfolio based on changes to the financial landscape
  • Maximize risk adjusted portfolio income when near or in retirement Incorporate cash management strategies into your portfolio

Risk management

  • Identify and manage risk within your investment portfolio
  • Review your circumstances and goals to understand if you would benefit from life insurance, disability insurance or long-term care insurance
  • If insurance is appropriate, we simplify and help facilitate the application process

Tax considerations

  • Recognize and implement tax considerate strategies when possible across your complete financial picture
  • Discuss Roth IRA conversions and if they are appropriate to help you achieve your long-term goals
  • Help decrease taxable income through maximization of retirement contributions and tax-loss harvesting

Estate planning services

  • Review your estate documents and generate a trust map to make it easier to understand the complexities of your trust(s)
  • Assist with legacy planning to help facilitate wealth transfers
  • Provide professional trustee services for complex estates
  • Help with education planning and maximization of education savings through tax-deferred investment accounts

Cash flow management

  • Identify your current income and expenses and work with you to achieve your cash-flow goals
  • Engage in discussions around debt and what kind would be most appropriate for you based on your needs and financial circumstances
  • Give access to securities-based lending at competitive rates
  • Provide preferred pricing on mortgages through our internal partners 


  • Assist you in the development and execution of an annual gifting strategy
  • Help you establish a donor-advised fund or family foundation to maximize your charitable legacy
  • Use other strategies such as qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) to maximize your donations to charity

Value added services

  • Coordinate with your accountant, estate planning attorney and other professionals to help simplify your financial life
  • Act as a sounding board for anyone important to you who has financial questions or needs financial advice
  • Create a personal financial organizer to make sure all your important financial information is in one place
  • Provide exit planning guidance for business owners with an accredited Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA)