We believe every investor should have a lifelong plan that provides long-term capital and income growth, a firm understanding of risk and reward, and the advice of a comprehensive team of investment professionals. We are committed to helping investors avoid the errors that can result when individuals without a disciplined approach react to the volatility of the financial markets. We are committed to providing quality and consistent advice that takes into account each client’s individual needs, while also providing multi generational investment counseling to help families reach their financial goals.

Our client profile

Our group is designed around individuals and their families. We help them build wealth, generate income in retirement, transition wealth, fund educations, make gifts to family and charity, insure the things they love, and finance their dreams. We advise client families having a net worth of $500,000 to $25,000,000. We also serve the investment and planning needs of non-profit organizations and retirement plans. We find our clients have worked hard to generate wealth and, together with our help, they can be better prepared financially to live fuller and more enjoyable lives.

Become a client

If you are not already a valued client, we invite you to experience the skill and dedication of a team built on integrity, client service and a spectrum of services for individuals, families, institutions and their assets. To set up a consultation, contact us.

Global Insight 2019 Outlook

While it’s late in the game, the economic expansion should have stamina. A constructive—yet vigilant—approach to financial markets is warranted. Read the full analysis in our 2019 Outlook.

Wondering what to do with your retirement plan?

When you leave your employer, you have several choices to make with your retirement plan. You can roll it into an IRA, move it to a plan with a new employer, keep it in your former employer’s plan or take your distribution in cash. Contact us to learn more about the RBC Rollover IRA.

Families and Wealth Transfer report

Different types of families have different approaches to building, preserving and passing on their family legacy. In the fourth report in our in-depth wealth transfer series, we look at how various families share their financial knowledge, prepare their inheritance plans, and educate the next generation on preserving family wealth.  Download our Families and Wealth Transfer Report to learn more.

Year-end charitable giving and tax planning tips

The new tax law enacted late last year gave taxpayers little time to act. Learn how the new rules may affect your charitable giving choices for 2018 tax purposes. Contact us to discuss your specific goals.