We take a comprehensive approach to providing wealth management services tailored to individuals, families and organizations that not only desire to grow their wealth but also to achieve their financial goals with precision and personalization.

Our ideal client

Our ideal clients often include:

Ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals and families: With investable assets typically exceeding $1 million, our clients seek sophisticated, personalized strategies to preserve and enhance their wealth across generations.

Busy professionals: From doctors and lawyers to executives and entrepreneurs, our clients are professionals who value their time and prefer to entrust their financial management to professionals. They seek advisors who can provide wealth planning, investment management and regular guidance as their careers and financial situations evolve.

Retirees and pre-retirees: Individuals planning for or currently in retirement who need professional assistance in managing their retirement funds, confirming they have a sustainable income stream and planning for legacy and estate considerations.

Philanthropically inclined individuals: Clients looking to integrate charitable giving into their wealth and estate planning, seeking both to make a meaningful impact and to optimize tax-considerate opportunities.

Founders and business owners: Entrepreneurs and business owners who require assistance with business succession planning, personal wealth management and strategies to help protect and grow both their personal and business assets.

Institutional clients: Large private wealth client relationships, nonprofits and public entity clients who seek a skilled and dedicated advisory relationship to manage specialized assets.

Characteristics of our ideal client

Value long-term relationships: Clients who are looking for a trusted advisor and a lasting relationship, recognizing that achieving significant financial goals is a process that evolves over time.

Engagement in the wealth planning process: Individuals who are proactive about their financial future, seeking not just advice but also education on financial strategies and products.

Openness to collaboration: Our clients appreciate the importance of a collaborative approach, often involving other professional advisors, such as accountants and attorneys to help build a total wealth management strategy.

Financial goals and values alignment: Clients whose financial goals and personal values align with the strategies we implement, including sustainable and responsible investing, family legacy planning and philanthropy.

Our relationship fit process

We consider new clients through referrals only.

We work closely with our existing clients and internal partners and rely on them as part of our relationship fit process, as they know our practice the best.

We intentionally work with a small client base in order to deliver on the guiding principles of our Client IMPACT System.

We employ a simple but effective process in order to determine if there is a great relationship fit:

  • The client must have a definable need
  • We must be able to solve this need
  • The client must be open to the recommended solutions
  • The client must possess the financial wherewithal to adopt these solutions
  • The client’s perspective must align with the team’s culture and outlook