Chicago Complex fulfills a school's wish list

This fall, colleagues in the Chicago complex worked together to donate gift cards and school supplies to a Chicago school in need. Senior Client Associate Shelton Smith and ADCM Pat Diana, along with Clare Stopher and Luke Waldier, worked together to coordinate the drive and identify Oglesby Elementary School, a Chicago public school, for the donations. The Oglesby principal, Kimberly Henderson, assembled a wish list of items for the school and, together, the Chicago Complex donated more than $450 in gift cards as well as several boxes of school supplies, including backpacks, markers, pens, cleaning supplies and more to give to the school.

The principal and staff at Oglesby work hard to make the school a welcoming and safe place for all students, and encourage students to do their best in school and reach their full potential. To help students thrive, the supplies and gifts will be shared through a new school shop, called The Hornet's Nest, where students can replenish school supplies and purchase small toys by using "good conduct points." Principal Henderson and staff from Oglesby are excited to launch the new store for students, "It is because of your generosity that we have so much for our students to choose from next week when they redeem their points! We are still in awe of ALL of the items that you donated and opening all of the boxes felt like Christmas!"