Our lifework is to create and maintain an optimal path to wealth accumulation and asset protection tailored to our clients’ investment goals and preferences.

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Trusted advisory experience

30+ years of licensed, financial advisory experience equips us to identify the right investment decisions for our clients in continuously changing market conditions.

Recognized expertise

Robert serves as a portfolio manager through the Portfolio Focus program, a select group of RBC Wealth Management financial advisors who have demonstrated the knowledge and experience necessary to carefully evaluate the most suitable investment ideas while demonstrating personal integrity and commitment to fulfill our responsibilities to our clients.

Ethical stewardship

We work to the fiduciary standard, which requires that we have a legal duty to act in our clients’ best interest with every investment we recommend. In fact, many of our own assets are in the same investments as our clients’.

Asset-based compensation structure

Robert's compensation as a Portfolio Focus financial advisor is tied directly to the performance of our clients' portfolio. No commissions are involved, regardless of how many investment trades or changes are made. Instead, the client pays one quarterly fee based on the clients' total assets under management.

Investment approach

Our disciplined approach emphasizes value and minimizes risk with the intent to create portfolios that can generate attractive results throughout various market conditions. Our investment approach is about discipline and observation rather than forecasting. We intend to diversify among asset classes and securities that appear inexpensive then alter the portfolio makeup when opportunities change. We employ numerous investment principles but focus on valuation, strategic opportunities, risk management and behavioral finance.

“Our job is to understand that the future is uncertain and to construct a portfolio that can generate attractive results under a wide variety of outcomes.” – Robert Cordiak

Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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Our lifework is to create and maintain an optimal path to wealth accumulation and asset protection tailored to our clients’ investment goals and preferences.  Learn more about our process here.

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What a beautiful Dallas Symphony Orchestra League 38th Presentation Ball. It has been an honor and a privilege to have been this year's Assembly President of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League alongside my mom, this year's Presentation Ball Chair. Thank you to everyone involved in making this such a special and memorable weekend! Looking forward to Presentation Ball 2025.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Cordiak Family!

Another fantastic weekend at the 37th Annual Dallas Symphony Orchestra League Presentation Ball.

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