Long-term relationships

Some of the clients who have been with Loren Danielson the longest are those who knew him first in a different capacity – friends and teachers from high school and college, former coaches and teammates, even customers from his college grass-cutting business.  Each of them early on recognized in Loren the personal qualities and character that have defined his career and continued to serve them so well.  Loren also built much of his original clientele by teaching seminars about investing and from those came many new client relationships nurtured one by one.  Through the years, his business has continually expanded through client referrals.


There is no greater compliment than to be introduced to a new client by a satisfied current one.  Many investors seek but do not have a comfortable relationship with a financial advisor.  Some feel they should consolidate assets spread across several firms.  Others are about to retire and are preparing to roll over a 401(k).  Loren welcomes such referrals from his clients.

Loren meets with the referred client to listen and to understand family goals and financial objectives, gathers more specific information and conducts a complimentary and confidential portfolio review.  Loren then develops a flexible, customized plan and makes easy the opening of new accounts and transfer of assets.

If you wish to refer a family member, friend or colleague, please email loren.danielson@rbc.com or call 202-661-9566 or toll free 877-626-1474.