image of David Persin

David Persin

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Consulting Group

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Theodore Simos

Senior Vice President - Financial Advisor, Consulting Group

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Kimberly Beatty, CRPC®

Vice President - Financial Advisor

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Zachary Persin

Associate Vice President - Financial Advisor

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Amber Strock

Senior Client Associate


To provide a consistently high degree of service and financial guidance, our group consists of experienced professionals who take a "hands-on" approach. Many clients report that two factors have contributed to their satisfaction and to their reasons for referring others. First, our people are knowledgeable and resourceful in bringing a wide range of financial strategies to the table. Second, clients appreciate that, to a person, we genuinely care about helping them meet financial challenges and achieve their dreams. We pay close attention to keeping clients focused on milestones we've set with them, advise them on how to "stay the course" and remind them to maintain a disciplined approach designed to help them realize their ultimate goals.
Ours is an institutional investment management methodology that emphasizes a long-term, strategic approach to investing based on each client's specific financial needs, goals and risk tolerance. Everything we've put in place is to provide an exemplary level of service and advice. Our primary mission is to become a lifetime resource to those who've entrusted us with their financial well-being.