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Most of our clients fall into 3 diverse groups

  1. High-net worth families - Building and preserving wealth requires a skilled approach to capturing value underscored by discipline, independent thinking, and prudent judgment. We’ve encouraged couples to plan and invest together as this can set them up for a smoother transition after one spouse has passed.
  2. Generational wealth planning - We believe wealth transfer planning and family meetings we help navigate transitions in life with expertise and empathy while following the intentions of the client's wishes.
  3. Engaging women - Many couples come to us because one spouse wants the other spouse to feel more comfortable while engaging in their financial affairs. We respect, engage, and empower both individuals, and make difficult topics easier to digest and understand. As a result, they have both become more engaged, informed, and excited about their future.

Our approach - Our focus is on you

Our belief is that wealth doesn’t give life meaning; it gives you options to live your legacy. High net-worth individuals and families are often faced with many complex financial decisions. Our team of professionals are trained to tend to wealth planning, investments, legacy transfer and estate planning services, along with other needs of high-net-worth people.

Our team offers personalized, deep expertise & resources, hands-on personalized service. By working with a concentrated number of clients, we build deep and lasting relationships and can consistently deliver on the promises we make. We collaborate closely with our clients’ other advisors to ensure the best outcomes and reduce any duplication of efforts.

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