Boosting her financial confidence

Many bright, outgoing, faith-based women have come to us lacking the knowledge and confidence to comfortably manage their own financial affairs. We realized they needed more than wealth management advice – so we developed an encouraging and fun environment where they could learn about planning and investing and gain the confidence to make smart financial decisions.

Whether you come to us after you have lost your spouse or we already have a relationship with you, we are committed to always treating you with patience, respect, and compassion. We would be honored to be a part of your team and making sure you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

Women in transition after a loved one

There never seems like there is enough time to prepare for the loss of a spouse. Some things may be able to put on hold now but several things you must handle soon after the funeral. Many friends, family and professionals may be pressuring you to make decisions, however, proceed with caution and on your own timeline. We have helped and guide many women and men through the aftershock of their partners death.

You are not alone. Being women, we understand that feeling safe, needing compassionate personal care and feeling comfortable and confident is a high priority. Our team has a special place in their hearts for widows. We strive to give widows compassionate personal care as we walk them through the initial shock of losing their loved one. We can help you organize, update, and create a road map of what life will look like going forward.

Finding meaning after divorce - Focus on what’s next.

After a divorce is final, significant assets are often put in the hands of a spouse who has not experienced in dealing with the finances and the decisions that adhere. We help our clients with fiscal responsibility so they can have financial stability in the future.

Post Divorce Services
  • Create a financial and investment plan for these divorcees based on their newfound "why, and what is important now" that they will take them forward into their new regained life.
  • Investment management, financial planning, tax and estate planning
  • Long term healthcare planning - We ensure your client has explored all their coverage options and costs.
  • Protection planning - determine current and future coverage needs or alternative solutions to protect maintenance, child support, and retirement benefits in case.

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