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Johnson McKee Jackson & Associates specializes in meeting the unique and complex financial needs of our clients through the use of a comprehensive approach to wealth management planning. With over 80 years of combined investment experience and a support team of RBC specialists, we create lasting relationships with our clients by helping them create personalized long-term wealth management plans designed to meet their specific financial goals. We implement those plans through the use of a prudent and disciplined investment process, continually monitoring the progress and success of each investment portfolio, making adjustments as needed, whether due to market conditions or changes in our clients’ needs.

Write your personal retirement story

Access Rewriting Retirement to explore strategies and tactics for growing a nest egg, planning for longevity, and maximizing Social Security benefits. Rewriting Retirement also contains a checklist of actions for various stages in your destination as you transition to retirement and beyond. Contact us to help you prepare for your next chapter.

Strength you can trust

Distinguished by a long heritage of financial strength, integrity and unwavering dedication to our clients, RBC has consistently earned high credit ratings.1

  • Moody’s Aa22 and A23/stable4
  • Standard & Poor’s AA-2 and A3/stable4
  • Fitch Ratings AA2 and AA3/stable4

Additionally, RBC has a reputation of strength and stability with a high-quality balance sheet, proactive risk management and a strong liquidity position.

Uncertainty everywhere

We are downgrading our stance on equities to Underweight. At the same time, we lay out the developments we are watching for that could put us back in an environment where future rewards considerably outweigh near-term risks. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.


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