The Johnson McKee Jackson & Associates client experience

We believe in helping you determine and prepare for multiple layers of financial security.  This is a responsibility we take seriously and it begins with the process of developing a financial strategy that addresses both your short-term and long-term financial needs. 

Discovery process

The first step in managing investment portfolios is to fully understand what your funds are meant to accomplish.  This process of discovery leads us to an understanding of the types of service you need and desire from our group.  The steps in this process would include:

  • Conduct an initial face to face consultation and thorough evaluation of key financial goals, objectives, and risk tolerance prior to any recommendations being made.
  • Explain our investment process.
    Complete necessary paperwork.
  • Prepare a draft version of our analysis of your financial goals including retirement, education, and estate planning.
  • Provide assistance with establishing online access to your accounts. 

Monitoring your progress

Helping you define your financial goals is only the starting point of our relationship.  Of equal importance is the process of monitoring your progress over time toward meeting your goals.  To accomplish this we meet with you on a regular basis to cover the following items:

  • Review of recent market conditions and their effect on the investment environment,
  • Review of investment portfolios including portfolio return information, past changes to portfolios and future anticipated changes.
  • Compare current account balances to target account balances.
  • Discuss changes in financial situation or changes in financial goals and their impact on your investment portfolios.
  • Coordinate with your income tax and legal professionals and provide information directly to these professionals as directed by you. 

Keeping you informed

Communication is an important part of any relationship and our goal is to offer you the opportunity to communicate with us in a method that best suits your needs.  To accomplish this we offer several opportunities to communicate with us including:

  • Telephone conferences
  • Personal meetings
  • Email communications
  • Web site access

Premier Client Service Program

If you have $600,000 or more in assets that you wish to commit to a long-term wealth plan you are eligible for our Premier Client Service program.  As a Premier Client you receive a complimentary benefits program.