Fund an education plan

The younger your child is, the more difficult it can be to fully understand the need to develop an education funding plan. But with education expenses often starting as early as elementary school, it's clear that the sooner you start saving, the better. Even if you feel like you've already fallen behind, it's not too late -- what you do today can have a great impact on your child's education.

Too often, these rising college costs stand between your children and their dreams for the future. Even if they excel in school, your children still might not be able to attend the college of their choice. The lack of an education funding plan often forces parents and students to make a difficult choice -- take on the burden of student loan debt or avoid college altogether.

Choose an education funding plan that's right for you

The links below compare some of the most widely used education funding alternatives. We can help you decide which ones work for your unique situation.

Saving for College? Consider 529 Plans
529 Plans
UGMA/UTMA Accounts