Retirement Plan Solutions

At the Kerr Wealth Management Group, we recognize that selecting and designing an appropriate retirement plan is crucial. As an employer, having a solid retirement plan makes you better positioned to recruit, retain and reward the quality employees you need to keep your business competitive. 

With extensive experience in retirement consulting, our team can help you find the right retirement solution for your company. We collaborate with you during each stage of the retirement plan process, including: 
working together to identify your company’s retirement plan needs, goals, and expectations;

  • researching the marketplace to find the best solution for you;
  • guiding you through each step of the implementation process;
  • providing ongoing service to help ensure your plan runs efficiently and effectively;

Continuing Commitment to Service

As your partner, our continuing commitment to your ongoing success carries on long after your retirement plan has been implemented. We can assist you with creating an Investment Policy Statement, periodic investment reviews, analyzing asset allocation, ongoing customized education and even advising individual employees on requests. We invite you to contact us today to learn more about how we can be of service to you.