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A message from Kris

Welcome to my website! This is designed to provide you with information that I think will be helpful in understanding and navigating the financial markets. On the site you will find daily and weekly market commentary, strategy reports and in-depth white papers, which will be updated frequently. My hope is that you will visit often and make this your new RBC Wealth Management home page, as you can access your accounts directly from here (upper right corner). So, save it in your favorite sites list. Finally, this is a great way for you to introduce me and RBC to your friends and family members that might be interested in our services. Please give me your feedback and dig in!

Also, I would like to announce that after 33 years as an individual Financial Advisor, I have decided to team with two of my Financial Advisor colleagues to form the Olympic View Group at RBC Wealth Management. I will be teaming with Eric Brewe and Steve Charlston, who like me, began their careers as Financial Advisors in 1983. So collectively we have 100 years of experience as Financial Advisors. We also share common investment philosophies which include quality, value and the belief that long-term investing creates wealth. The Olympic View Group will also include client associates Susan Clark and Juliana Lee, both experienced CAs who are excellent at serving the needs of our clients. Importantly, Susan and I will continue to be your primary contact but the others in the group will be ready to assist you also and in our absence. As you get to know Eric and Steve, I know that you will appreciate their experience and approach. The benefit to you as our client will be a collaborative approach to investment management and wealth planning. I truly believe that the five member team of the Olympic View Group of RBC Wealth Management will add to your experience and satisfaction. You can access more information about the team at our team website: www.olympicviewgrouprbc.com. 

Value statement

I work with individuals, families and businesses to help them effectively invest their capital, using strategies that match their stage of life; to accumulate and grow assets or generate income, as well as preserve and transfer their wealth to the next generation.

My clients are typically accumulating wealth for retirement, preparing a plan to use their assets during retirement or are currently retired and looking to generate income and preserve long-term purchasing power.

My commitment to my clients is to provide, with integrity and honesty, trusted financial advice and investment management, and use my 30 years of industry experience and close observation of the markets to generate successful results. Further, my assistant, Susan Clark, and I are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional service that exceeds expectations.


Investment philosophy

My equity strategy centers around buying high quality companies with a solid long-term outlook, when short-term conditions, either market related or company specific, create an attractive entry price. I believe that income is an important aspect of total return and therefore seek stocks with an attractive dividend profile and utilize covered call writing to manufacture additional return.

My fixed income strategy focuses on a core high quality bond ladder, which may include municipal bonds, CD’s or corporate bonds. I will often supplement this portfolio with funds that invest in high yield corporate or foreign bonds, to provide yield enhancement and diversification to the bond portfolio.


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At RBC Wealth Management, we know what’s important to you—the success of your family, personal aspirations and the legacy you want to leave to the world. See how we can help you grow more than wealth.

We’re in the “correction” camp

We make the case that the correction will give way to a renewed advance in share prices and offer some thoughts on how to prepare portfolios for the challenges likely to come with an aging, slowing economic expansion. Read the full economic outlook in the latest edition of Global Insight.

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