Your fixed income advantage at RBC Wealth Management

RBC Wealth Management is a leader in fixed income, with state-of-the-art technology, extensive offerings and a client-focused approach that will help benefit you as an investor.

Relationship business

When our clients are happy, we’re happy. That’s why we are committed to quality, offering the best products and services for your unique goals. Our clients have unparalleled access to a team of fixed income traders and strategists, as well as regional specialists whose expertise gives us a distinct advantage when evaluating bonds issued in our area.

State of the art technology

The Fixed Income professionals at RBC Wealth Management utilize industry-leading software and technology to provide a single, consolidated report of your entire fixed income portfolio, including those securities safe-kept at RBC, as well as those that are held away. To assist us in providing you with the best possible service, we receive daily notifications of important events that affect the securities you hold, allowing us to discuss those changes with you as soon as they occur.  Further, we are able to stress test your portfolio for areas of risk and opportunity, and create proposal reports to show the net effect of a transaction on your portfolio. These reports and notifications allow us to make well-informed strategic plans and proactively manage your fixed income portfolio.

Extensive offerings

RBC Wealth Management offers a comprehensive suite of taxable and tax-free products, with thousands of unique offerings. Our open architecture provides clients with access to internal as well as streetwide inventories, with every trade being reviewed by a trader for best execution.

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We invite you to watch our brief video above to learn more about the benefits of being a fixed income client at RBC Wealth Management. Please contact us today to discuss your fixed income needs.

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