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Important dates

April 15th: Tax Day! Deadline to file your tax return and deadline to make Traditional and Roth IRA contributions for the previous year. Maximum contribution per person, per IRA is $5,500 and catch up contribution of $1,000 if above age 50

December 31st: Charitable Donations! Last day to make deductible charitable contributions to be applied towards the calendar year. If you are charitably inclined, please contact us to visit more about strategies and solutions to help you realize tax savings and support a favorite charity. 

December 31st: Tax-Loss Harvesting! The last day to recognize capital losses (or gains) for tax planning purposes

Important lifetime milestones

Birth of a Child: time to consider establishing a 529 College Savings Plan. Also review life insurance needs and update estate planning documents.

Age 21: Child is legal age of majority in NE and assumes control of assets in an UGMA/UTMA account

Age 50: Can make catch-up contributions to IRA's and some qualified retirement plans (catch up amount- IRA's=$1,000; Simple IRA's=$2,500; 401(K) & 403(B)=$5,500; additional $3,000 catch up for 403(B)'s with 15 years of service or more)

Age 55: you can take distributions from you 401(k) plan without penalty if retired

Age 59 1/2: You can take distributions from IRA's and 401(k) plans without IRS penalty

Age 62: You can apply for early social security retirement benefits (75% of full benefit amount)

Age 65: You can apply for Medicare

Age 66 or 67 (depending on birth year): You can apply for full social security retirement benefits

Age 70: You can apply for late social security retirement benefits

Age 70 1/2: You must begin taking Required Minimum Distributions from Traditional IRA's and 401(k) plans (Roth IRA's do not have Required Minimum Distributions)