Our Approach to Wealth Management
  • Understanding Your Financial Objectives — We begin by listening to you and making sure that we have a clear understanding of you and your financial objectives. Building a solid foundation is critical to developing long-term relationships, so we spend a great deal of time getting to know our clients.
  • Gathering Your Current Financial Information —Together, we gather specific and pertinent information in order to assess your current financial picture.
  • Developing Smart, Time-Tested Strategies and a Customized Wealth Management Plan — Next, we analyze your financial and personal information to match your objectives with sound strategies. We develop a personalized plan to provide our relationship with the structure that is necessary to move forward with confidence.
  • Implementing Thoughtful and Creative Solutions — We develop customized solutions tailored to your objectives, drawing from a wide selection of world-class products and services. We find the best qualified solutions in the current marketplace to give our clients optimal opportunities for success.
  • Providing Timely, Ongoing Service — We understand that times change and so do the needs of our clients. We regularly review your situation to help ensure your financial objectives are being met. We track the progress being made and make the appropriate adjustments and provide exceptional ongoing service.

Wealth management professionals

Client Strategies Team

The Client Strategies Team is a resource to help support you in your wealth planning goals, developing a strong understanding of your personal financial objectives, gathering valuable information and addressing complex financial and wealth strategies issues. Explore the bios below to learn more about the team.

Janet Engels

Senior Vice President, Director of Portfolio Advisory Group

Nuri Benturk

Corporate and Executive Services