Finding your true wealth

Even after COVID’s impact on our lives, the rapid pace at which life moves makes it too easy to lose sight of what is important to us. Life is what we make of it, and most people would agree that the experiences and memories we create for ourselves, our families, and others adds value to our lives. That is our true wealth.

Helping you realize your true wealth is my focus and priority. I work with you to identify what you want to achieve, both now and in retirement. We then collaborate to design your custom financial and life plan, utilizing the benefits of my education, business and investment experiences. The ease and thoroughness of the process delivers value beyond investments, increasing your comfort and confidence in your ability to achieve your goals.

Services for individuals and families

  • Determine the memories and experiences you wish to create — Life is a collection of experiences, some of which we are able to have now, while others will occur in the future. I work with you to determine what experiences are important to you, and then analyze how I can help manage your investments such that they deliver value to the life you desire. Utilizing RBC WealthPlan, I will be able to compare goals and strategies to help determine the best solution for you. Naturally, life is dynamic and your goals and circumstances will change. Fortunately, your Wealth Plan is a living document that I can easily modify to adapt to your needs.
  • Liquidity management — A core aspect of our planning process is to structure your investments in order to tax-efficiently produce the cash you will need for a planned expenditure. However, there may be times where you experience an unexpected need for cash. I prepare ahead to identify sources of liquidity so that when the need arises, I can choose which option is most advantageous for you, potentially avoiding the need to sell when markets are down.
  • Risk management — Insurance can mitigate the impacts of adverse events, be it a permanent or temporary loss of the ability to earn income or cover health care expenses as you age. I will evaluate your options to replace income lost due to death or disability, comparing your trade-offs for different policies. Similarly, I will discuss your four options to pay for long term care expenses and help you decide which best fits your circumstances and preferences.
  • Legacy planning — During conversations about how your wealth can become more meaningful to you, I will discuss your desires to help the people and causes that you love. In addition to evaluating strategies to optimize your giving, we will explore the merits of supporting your family and favored organizations both now and in the future, be it college for your grandkids, home purchase assistance for your kids, or a gift that enables your charity to advance their work now.

Helping you and your family

I will work closely with you to learn how I can support you and your family and set a course to help you achieve what is most important to you. Contact me today so I can help you enjoy the experiences and memories you desire.

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