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As an attorney, you possess unique talents that set you apart from 99% of the population, enabling you to positively impact your clients’ lives in meaningful ways. Your specialty also provides the opportunity to build wealth and enjoy a life rich in experiences and memories. Yet, in an increasingly complex and time-constrained world, the challenges to monetizing your talents to achieve your goals have never been greater.

I have expertise in helping attorneys like you meet those challenges. I understand the economics of your practice, be it as an equity partner, a solo practitioner, or the owner of your own firm. I also understand the business models for different areas of the law, as the income streams for a personal injury attorney are vastly different from that of lawyers practicing business, family, or criminal law. Each presents unique opportunities to convert your time and talent into the lifestyle you desire. I have the experience and the resources to apply the right strategies for your specific situation.

Attorney services

  • Evaluating cash flows throughout your career — I help you analyze your earnings potential according to which of the four options for monetizing your law degree you choose. I then create a custom plan for how those cash flows will enable you to achieve your goals.
  • Starting your own practice — Starting your own practice, either solo or with other attorneys, is both exhilarating and daunting. I can help you evaluate the financial implications and offer solutions for a cash flow plan to achieve a successful launch.
  • Tax efficient strategies — Attorneys with variable income patterns, especially personal injury attorneys and litigators, can face extremely high taxes in any given year. I help you make the best use of your retirement plan options and other tax advantaged investment strategies.
  • Retirement plan offerings — Employer-sponsored retirement plans are an important component of employee total compensation packages. I can answer your questions about the different options available for your firm to help you choose the best package.
  • Valuation of your firm — While many factors go into valuing any business, doing so for a law firm presents additional issues. As you prepare to bring on equity partners or plan your exit strategy, knowing the value of your firm not only will help you with transitioning out of the firm for the right price, but also help plan your family finances once the transition is accomplished.
  • Smooth ownership transition — Selling a law practice can be complicated. I can help you look at succession strategies that go into an ownership transition plan. It’s never too early to start planning for this step, but with time and careful planning, we will work to help you achieve your goals for the firm after you exit, and for your family as you retire.

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I will work closely with you to learn how I can support your business and set a course to help you achieve what is most important to you. Contact me today so I can help you focus on the next phase of your business.

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