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Service expectations

  • Initial consultation and thorough evaluation of every aspect of your financial picture.
  • Customized investment asset allocation plan is developed for you based on your goals, time horizon and rick tolerance.
  • Creating of retirement plan using the RBC Wealth Plan
  • Around the clock access to our team via telephone, email and website: us.rbcwm.com/montaltoweilaragoncillo
  • Access to RBC Wealth Management specialists for complete estate planning, wealth management and insurance design.
  • Ongoing communication via phone calls and weekly newsletter email
  • Annual strategy meetings with topics including:
    • Market updates
    • Account strategy review: individually review each account and discuss any changes to your goals
    • Education planning, 529 plans and custodial accounts
    • Life insurance, long-term care and annuity reviews
    • Estate planning: review beneficiaries and make sure will and trusts are up-to-date
    • Creating a retirement income plan by coordinating all sources of income: Social Security, pension and investment income
    • Access to customized net worth analysis including outside assets such as 401(k)s, real estate and business assets.
    • Coordination with your CPA at tax time to directly send them all of your applicable tax documents upon your approval
    • Available for meetings and conference calls with your CPA or attorney to ensure that your professional “team” is working together to help you achieve your goals
    • Access to electronic funds transfer (ACH) to link your bank account to your RBC investment accounts as well as bill pay
    • Family education meetings to help your family understand the wealth transfer process
    • Access to our emergency workbook to keep all of your important information in one place
    • Upon request, we can provide client with referrals to other trusted professionals within our network.

The next step

We can customize our services to best fit your financial picture. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment so that we can discuss how we can best serve you.

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