Investing and Managing Risk

While it is important to invest for long term growth to balance allocation models during retirement years, it is equally important to not get trapped in the abyss when markets decline sharply.

I would argue that it is more important to define and manage the risk profile, as opposed to meeting goals when markets move higher. It is a delicate balance, but one you must either master or allow a professional to manage on your behalf.

Wall Street’s solution to almost every market is to buy-and-hold and never sell. And while that can be a great strategy when you are 35 or 45, it can lead to sleepless nights and real financial harm when you are either retired or close to retiring. Well-meaning market commentators and financial advisors also parrot the “Stay the Course” mantra, but not everyone should.

“Sequence of Return Risk” is very important to understand and applies as much in the early years of retirement as it does in the middle years. My goal is to provide clients with both bull markets returns and bear market capital preservation. And while there is no perfect portfolio, I will never tell you to just sit through and not worry about markets that can negatively affect your capital and your ability to generate income.


I will coordinate with you on simple but effective strategies to generate income and, just as important, guide you on how much you can comfortably distribute from your investments without the fear of running out of money. It is my job to have candid conversations with you and your spouse about what are reasonable expectations when it comes to income now, in the future and if one of you passes away.

Wealth is always relative to your spending habits.

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