Online financial calculators

Point-To-Point Investment Group is pleased to provide you with this internet link to a variety of financial calculators. Although these tools can assist users with their personal planning decisions, they do have limitations. Accordingly, one should exercise care when making critical decisions based upon their output. Your own situation may require more complex calculations that only a professional can provide. We therefore recommend collaborating with a financial advisor, an accountant, or attorney.

Social Security Administration

Social Security can represent an important retirement or disability income foundation for most everyone. We urge you to visit the Social Security Administration website for current publications and online resources to help you understand your Social Security benefits and how to apply for them.

Medicare basics

Medicare is a United States Government program providing health insurance for people age 65 and older, people under age 65 who have certain disabilities and people of any age with end stage renal disease. Please visit the Medicare website to learn more about the benefits available to you and their associated costs.

FINRA, SIPC, SEC, FDIC explained

Please feel free to check out these industry and Government websites to learn more about how your savings and investments are protected.
FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority);
SIPC (Securities Investor Protection);
SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission);
FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Historical chart gallery

It’s often hard to know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been. Point-To-Point Investment Group believes that all investors can gain a clearer perspective on the stock market by studying these long term charts. You can also see the bigger picture trends in the metals and currency markets by visiting this site.

U.S. Savings Bonds

Safety, convenience and tax advantages are some of the reasons people are attracted to these securities. This link will help you learn more about I Bonds, E Bonds, and EE Bonds.

State of Israel Bonds

Securities issued by the Government of Israel have become increasingly popular among private and institutional investors seeking diversification and competitive income returns. This link will provide you with more information about these investments.

Links to investment tools

Please feel free to check out these websites to learn more about investing:
US Federal Reserve
New York Stock Exchange
Google Finance