Why choose Point-To-Point Investment Group?

Wisdom, experience, and integrity. There are no substitutes.

Over the past four decades, Point-To-Point Investment Group has built a proven record of success by effectively managing wealth for high net worth investors and retirement plans through all types of market cycles.

We add value to our client relationships four different ways:

First and foremost, we are wealth managers. Supported by a national team of wealth management and retirement plan specialists, we have the resources to work on every aspect of your financial life, which includes wealth accumulation, risk management, asset protection, income replacement, and retirement and estate planning services.

Second, we are risk managers. At the heart of our thinking is to protect the wealth you have accumulated over many years of hard work and making sacrifices. Looking for the next big score or following greater fool theory trading schemes are not what we are about.

Point-To-Point Investment Group understands that making big mistakes can permanently destroy one’s wealth. Following a disciplined, proven investment approach and operating within one’s area of expertise both help avoid making serious mistakes. We believe it is far better to know a lot about a few things rather than a little about a lot of things. Having a proper temperament is just as important as knowledge. Mitigating risk requires proper diversification, patience, and acting independently from the crowd in a rational way. We also manage risk by sometimes making defensive tactical allocation decisions at critical inflection points, seeking to side-step the full brunt of a bear market. 

In its simplest terms, we define risk as nothing more than paying too much for something. We believe that when you have not done your homework and have miscalculated the intrinsic value of a security, you are taking on too much risk. Point-To-Point Investment Group adds value to the investment process by doing just that. In other words, when it comes to investing, we are guided by the principles of value investing. Whether we are investing for income or long-term growth, sound research leads to good judgment. A disciplined, unemotional method leads to wise decisions. Paying the right price is key to having successful outcomes over time.

Third, we are dedicated to the highest standards of professional excellence. We do not push proprietary products and there are no special relationships or compensation sharing agreements with the providers with whom we work. Our loyalty is to our clients, and we provide advice on that basis. Your interests are front and center.

Fourth, we have a steadfast commitment to providing excellent service. Because we work as a team, you can be assured that whenever you need to contact us, for whatever reason, you will be working with a professional who is readily available, knowledgeable, and experienced.

With that said, it is not our style to wait for you to call us with questions. We believe in proactive communication with our clients. Our mission is to let you know where you stand, if the job is getting done, and if not, what actions should be taken. We do this by periodically reviewing the progress of your investments and communicating with you in a professional manner through a variety of channels. Point-To-Point Investment Group provides realized/unrealized gain and loss information, year-end tax summaries, performance reports, fixed income maturity and cash flow reports, asset allocation reports, investment research and studies, and market commentaries. 

We don’t dance around when it comes to fees and commissions

While there may be certain instances when working with us on a traditional commission basis makes sense, in the majority of cases we work with clients on an all-inclusive, asset-based fee schedule. Under this arrangement, the fee is charged quarterly and in advance. There are no limitations on the time we spend with you, the advice we give, the number of transactions that are made, or any other services we provide. Our asset-based fee structure helps ensure that our objectives are fully aligned with yours. There are no real or perceived conflicts of interest when hours aren’t billed or commissions on product sales paid. Generally speaking, clients should have $1 million or more invested with us to realize the full potential and value of our services.

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