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At RBC Wealth Management, we are committed to principles like integrity, service and trust. Our first priority is helping clients like you prepare financially for the future you want, both for you and the people you care about. That's why we focus on providing personalized solutions for your unique needs. With the strength and world-class resources of RBC, we are well-prepared to help make it easier to achieve your complex wealth management goals. So you can feel confident your financial life is on track. Our promise to you is a sincere one: There's Wealth in Our Approach.™

At the Red Rose Group of RBC Wealth Management, we believe that as fiduciaries, we are able to offer significant advantages to our clients.  

We believe the fiduciary relationship is in our clients’ best interest, and we prefer to act as fiduciaries in almost all situations.  We act as fiduciaries on all RBC Portfolio Focus accounts, whether they are IRA accounts or non-IRA accounts.

Being a fiduciary means acting solely in the best interest of our clients and carrying out our duties prudently.  In practice this means:

  • The Client’s interests must come first
  • Advice and conduct must be prudent
  • Recommendations must be impartial and based on the client’s needs
  • We must eliminate or disclose all conflicts of interest

In addition to the fiduciary responsibilities of the Red Rose Group of RBC Wealth Management, you have an additional layer of protection.  Our parent company, RBC Wealth Management, affiliated with RBC Capital Markets LLC, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an Investment Advisor, acknowledging in each advisory account agreement that it is a fiduciary under the Advisers Act. 

How’s your wealth accumulation?

Based on a relationship of mutual trust, we help our clients attain and maintain a secure lifestyle and achieve success in reaching their lifetime goals.

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