We put you first

We offer a common sense approach to investment management that meets your needs

Our approach to managing your portfolios is based on a solid foundation of disciplined steps and procedures designed to enhance and protect your wealth.

Consultation & discovery

The basis of our relationship is to get to know you and understand what is truly important to you. We begin by asking questions to understand your dreams and goals? This includes your prior investment experience, tax status, liquidity requirements, time horizon, risk tolerance and any special concerns you may have.

Develop an investment strategy

With this understanding, we will orchestrate the creation of a comprehensive financial management strategy that involves the collective wisdom of an entire team of professionals. This may include retirement, family and estate planning, cash management suggestions, lending opportunities and more as part of our comprehensive plan. This will be presented to you and the rationale behind our recommendations will be carefully explained.

Implement the investment strategy

Once you approve the investment strategy, we will help you to implement this advice over time. This is best accomplished by identifying a list of investments, funds and managers who are subjected to a stringent evaluation process and whom we believe are best qualified to help you meet your investment goals and objectives for the reasons that are important to you.

Monitor the investment strategy

Finally as we move forward with our partnership, we will track your investment program on a regular basis. This includes performance reporting, rebalancing and reallocating assets when necessary. We also like to meet with you during the year to review your portfolios to make sure your investment objectives are being met and to know about any changes in your lives that may prompt us to make any changes to your wealth management strategy.

Investing is like life; it is a journey that requires active participation. Like any journey, the chances of keeping it pleasant, on course, and on time are greatly enhanced when you know where you want to go, have a good map, and know how to use a compass. We hope you will begin the worthwhile process of developing your strategic plan and investment plan to use as your map as well as a written investment policy statement to use as your compass.

Without a strategy, most investors will fail.