Investment philosophy

My goal is to preserve client wealth while identifying and facilitating investment opportunities that possess attractive return potential relative to the underlying investment risks. This begins with an intimate knowledge of client objectives and a continuous and collaborative approach to asset allocation and manager selection.

Client portfolios are typically broadly diversified, with an investment thesis behind every asset class, portfolio allocation, and manager selection that underpins the client's investment portfolio construction. I constantly evaluate and review both existing and newly introduced managers preferring managers that have shown a demonstrable and sustained record of strong investment performance.

I believe successful investing requires more than passively watching your investments - it requires active, disciplined management.

  • First, you must make your assets as secure as possible. How can you enjoy your life if you are worried about your money?
  • Second, trust only someone who understands your goals and shares your values.
  • Third, find a financial advisor who is passionate about helping people.

The myth of advisor diversification

Many investors feel it is important to spread investments among more than one advisor to diversify. However, this diversification can present considerable risks if the activity of the various advisors is not properly coordinated.

You might ask yourself:

  • Who oversees the overall integrity of financial activity?
  • To what extent do your advisors hold similar investments?
  • Who monitors for portfolio overlap?

As someone who specializes in the business of managing and supervising a person's wealth, I can help to bring it all together by working closely with you and your other wealth management professionals.

If you want to secure and protect your wealth ... take care of your family and heirs ... support all the activities you’re passionate about ... I want to help. It’s why people choose me.