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Consistently valuing the human side of wealth management, which is why we work as hard to build trust and lasting relationships with our clients as we do to create wealth.

Our mission

We seek to bring to our clients a combination of objectivity, analytical rigor, transparency and understanding of their objectives, sensitivities and long term goals to customize an investment strategy. Our watchwords are "cheap, simple, transparent" when we suggest an investment approach.

Why investors choose RBC Wealth Management

At RBC Wealth Management, we’re proud to be one of the largest full-service securities firms in the nation based on number of financial advisors. There are thousands of investment firms to choose from out there, but, we believe, investors pick us because we offer a comprehensive approach to wealth management and world-class investment solutions. Moreover, we have a reputation for integrity, independence and reliability that helps offer you peace of mind.

Our team

With a CFA ® certificate, and two PhD's, the foundation of our approach is rigorous analytical methods. With backgrounds in institutional risk management, strategic wealth planning, portfolio construction and individual wealth management planning we work with individuals, families and institutions to craft global, multi-asset investment portfolios. While we can work with active managers, our team generally prefers to use index fund vehicles because they are "cheap, simple, and transparent."

In addition to individual wealth management planning,we have been discretionary portfolio managers since 2003 and work through RBC Wealth Management's Portfolio Focus Program. We have advised institutional investors since 1995, with our capabilities including management of foundation and trust assets, as well as defined benefit pension plans and OPEBs. We take an asset-liability approach to institutional strategy and have analytics to combine index strategies with active managers, where appropriate.

Become a client

If you are not already a valued client, we invite you to experience the skill and dedication of a team built on integrity, client service and a spectrum of services for individuals, families and institutions and their assets

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