Approach to wealth management

Wealth management begins with crystal clear communication and defined objectives. Through a conservative approach to managing wealth and analytical selection of managers, we provide solutions to meet unique needs. We combine sophisticated investment planning tools with professional resources to develop a disciplined overall strategy that aligns your objectives with a customized solution. We don’t sell any specific product or service. Instead, we partner with investors to ensure that they consistently make wise decisions to protect and grow their wealth.

Our hands-on approach to the process consists of four essential steps:
  • Understanding You — We meet with you in person where we begin gathering data and defining goals to understand your financial objectives. We work hard to understand your family situation, lifestyle needs and goals. Together, we gather all of your financial details to better understand your overall position. In addition to your investments, we address your estate, tax and insurance planning needs.
  • Developing Realistic and Achievable Goals — Next, we analyze your current situation and personal information to match your objectives with sound planning strategies. We consider your livelihood, insurance needs, generation planning, savings strategy, and risk tolerance to develop a financial plan that best fits your goals. We also help you better understand the history of capital markets, the nature of risk, and the value of effective risk management with diversified portfolios. Together, we discuss the requirements to achieve your desired results.
  • Implementing Customized Solutions — We develop solutions tailored to your objectives, drawing from a vast arena of world-class products and services. Our investment in technology allows us to analyze best-of-breed solutions with the lowest management fees in an open-architecture platform to find the best match for your situation. We believe in the Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory that suggests diversification as a tool to mitigate risk for a given return expectation. We provide solutions and implement an agreed upon strategy.
  • Providing Timely Service — Behind the scenes, we continuously monitor your investments, the risk associated with them, and their performance. We are in constant communication with managers and positioned to make changes as necessary. We will meet with you periodically to review performance and discuss changes to your situation to ensure your objectives are being met. Be reminded that it is your money, your financial goals and that we are accountable to you.

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