Approach to wealth management

The Di Vito Consulting Group understands that working together and refining your goals creates the path forward. Our focus through managing our clients wealth through art and science allows us to find the strategies for your unique needs.  We combine sophisticated investment planning tools with professional resources to develop one process. Our process does not revolve around one product or service, but helps us focus on all your needs in a thoughtful and consistent manner.  Our clients find value in the fact that they know what the client journey looks like when working with our team.

Our process consists of four essential steps:
Understanding you —We get to know our clients on a personal level where we find out both your why and discuss how we can help you reach your financial objectives. Starting with your why lets us know your unique family dynamics, passions, and how we work together towards your goals. Through our process we go beyond your investments to address estate planning, tax, and insurance needs.
Developing realistic and achievable goals —Next, our team analyzes your situation and aligns your goals with sound planning strategies. We consider your: needs, wants, risk tolerance, career ambitions, retirement dreams, and generational planning. These all are crucial for an effective financial plan to fit your needs. Through educating our clients on the capital markets, effective risk management, and portfolio diversification, together we discuss what is needed to achieve your desired results.

Implementing customized solutions —The next step of the process is developing strategies tailored to your goals. We narrow the focus of the many solutions available to investors, and develop a strategy for your unique needs. Our technology allows best-of-breed products in an open-architecture platform to find the best fit for your situation. Your portfolio will be managed with diversification as a tool to mitigate risk for a given return to reach your goals. The strategies that we use are based on your personal financial plan and the strategy we build together.

Providing timely service — Throughout our process we realize that service that goes beyond what our clients expect helps to build trust and deepen our relationship.  We focus not only on servicing of the investment portfolio but also through monitoring risk, maintaining constant communication with managers, and making changes when necessary. We will meet with you on a predetermined schedule, and as needed, to review your portfolio, discuss changes, and ensure that you are on track with your financial plan. Our team wants our clients to know that this is your money, your goals, and we are accountable to you. Caring for our clients needs drives us towards a superior level of service.

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