Does balancing your philanthropic goals with managing your investment portfolio seem to be at odds?

We see a growing movement for non-profit institutions to have a solid connection between their mission, investments and governance. We help you make that connection and have built a proprietary approach to maximize the impact of your investment portfolio on the broader organization. We provide the support to bridge your investment and mission focus. To us the goal is simple: your mission is our mission.

Our endowment and foundation experts have a deep understanding of the complexities related to building a successful investment program based upon our 35 years of experience. We provide customized solutions to address every phase of your investment process. Our involvement is based on your needs and can range from traditional consulting to discretionary outsourcing. We recognize that your fund has its own unique set of goals and we work closely with you to find solutions that best suit your specific needs. In practice this means:

  • Helping you strike the critical balance between your short term spending needs and long term investment growth
  • Identifying sources of risk within your portfolio and testing how your asset allocation would fare under different economic environments
  • Leveraging our extensive resources to deliver forward thinking research and investment ideas to your staff and investment committee.
  • Aligning your investment portfolio with your organization's mission, bringing awareness to ESG investment concerns
  • Streamlining your investment policies and governance structure with a thorough review of your investment policy statement
  • Providing education to your staff and committee to help inform decisions about your investment programs