JD Power Award#1 in Investor Satisfaction with Full-Service Brokerage Firms by J.D. Power

RBC Wealth Management is proud to receive the J.D. Power Award for ranking highest in the 2020 U.S. Full-Service Investor Satisfaction Study.

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The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is the largest stimulus bill in American history. Learn more.

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COVID-19 and our Office Hours

March 23, 2020

Hi there,

I wanted to reach out to you today to give you some insight into how our team will be working for the time being. Beginning today, each of us will be working full time from our homes.

One of us will visit the Lufkin office whenever we have important mail, FedEx, or fax that requires one of us to be present. And, please, if you’re sending something to us at the office via mail, FedEx, etc., please give us a “heads up” and we’ll be on the lookout! As a reminder, our mobile app is a great way to check account balances and make mobile deposits.

With the move home, each of our direct phone lines will be automatically forwarded to our personal cell phones. If you call and get voice mail, please leave a message that describes your request or issue so that we can address your need in the most efficient manner possible. While home, we won’t have the luxury of being able to walk in each other’s offices to collaborate on issues, so it might take a bit longer than we’d like to answer some inquiries.

Our systems allow us to replicate our work technology at home, so we don’t expect a dramatic decline in our ability to work as “normal.” The team will continue to meet virtually every day as we continue to assess your portfolios and the markets. We continue to have an open line of communication with RBC economists, analysts and various thought leadership resources. We have all the necessary access to our planning system, as well.

We know that, in addition to the health and safety issues which are of utmost concern, you’re vitally interested in your financial lives, as well. We’ll continue to do everything possible to manage through the crisis on your behalf. As always, we’re as close as a phone call or email if you would like to visit. Remember, this is temporary.

Best, Bonnie McKinney & The Evergreen Group

Wall street with a Texas accent

A plan for you, and you alone.

Of the hundreds of clients we have worked with over the years, no two have had exactly the same financial and personal circumstances. So rather than trying to shoehorn everyone into the same mold, we strive to understand your unique needs and objectives. Then we sit down together and help you build a plan designed to use your available resources to lead the kind of life you want to live.

As no decision about your wealth should be made in isolation, we assist you in evaluating all aspects of you financial needs in order to create a holistic financial plan. We are here to answer your questions and offer our best advice anytime you need us.

Supporting our service members

We are very proud to help support paws4vets, a program that trains assistance dogs for wounded veterans and active-duty service members. Each of our locations in the Dallas area is sponsoring a veteran/assistance dog team, helping transform the lives of veterans and their families. Please visit the paws4vets program website to learn more or contribute to this organization.

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Access Rewriting Retirement to explore strategies and tactics for growing a nest egg, planning for longevity, and maximizing Social Security benefits. Rewriting Retirement also contains a checklist of actions for various stages in your destination as you transition to retirement and beyond. Contact us to help you prepare for your next chapter.

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Distinguished by a long heritage of financial strength, integrity and unwavering dedication to our clients, RBC has consistently earned high credit ratings.1

  • Moody’s Aa22 and A23/stable4
  • Standard & Poor’s AA-2 and A3/stable4
  • Fitch Ratings AA+2 and AA3/negative4

Additionally, RBC has a reputation of strength and stability with a high-quality balance sheet, proactive risk management and a strong liquidity position.

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With college tuition costs on the rise, education funding has become a critical wealth management component for many parents who want to help their children avoid a heavy debt burden so early in life. If you’re planning on helping your children pay for college, there are a variety of funding options available to you. Contact us today to discuss which option may be right for you.