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Is it possible to be both old school and innovative, staid and agile, dependable and yet deliver beyond expectations? It is for The Hollub & Svejda Group (HSG). With over 70 years of collective experience, HSG delivers value and individualize service. Whether you’re a high-net-worth investor looking to solidify a retirement strategy or younger professional focused on building a solid financial foundation, HSG can help you to achieve your goals. Our areas of expertize range from retirement strategies, wealth transfer, legacy planning, 401k management, to addressing the unique needs of female investors. Your financial future begins today. Start by talking with Elliott Hollub and Kristie Svejda.

Not all lessons happen in the classroom

It’s not always easy to talk about your finances, especially with your children. But knowing how to manage their money wisely is a critical skill for their futures—and one often not taught at school. We can offer you smart tips and strategies for how to make sure your children learn the skills they need to manage their money wisely. Contact us today to learn how to give your children a head start on financial success.



We feel it is critical to communicate consistently and effectively with our clients.  The financial world is confusing and full of industry jargon, we feel it’s our job to translate that jargon into concepts that everyone can understand. The intent of the article(s) below is to illustrate and explain different financial concepts.  Please take the time to read them and, if possible, provide us with your feedback and questions.

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