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People today are living longer, spending two or even three decades in retirement. And the responsibility for the bulk of retirement income has shifted to individual investors. Which means careful planning is more important than ever if you want to enjoy the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.

That’s why we use RBC WealthPlan to help our clients prioritize their goals and address their concerns.


Gain valuable insights

RBC WealthPlan features advanced interactive technology to help us understand your current situation, the possibilities available and the tradeoffs that may be necessary to achieve various outcomes.

Together, we'll get a thorough picture of what matters most to you, including:

  • Your expectations – Will you have an active lifestyle, traveling often? Or do you want to spend a lot of quiet time with friends and family?
  • Your concerns – Are you worried about running out of money, the cost of health care, or taking care of elderly parents?
  • How prepared you are – How much money you’ll need for retirement, where it will come from, and how long it will last?

Answer “what if” questions

RBC WealthPlan also helps us predict how your plan may be affected by different choices. For example, we can look at what could happen if you retire earlier or later, make or decline a major purchase and so on. Plus, we can use it to anticipate how your plan may be affected by events beyond your control such as changes to taxes, inflation or life expectancy. Modifying the planning variables allows us to see right away what the potential impact on your future financial security may be.

Make well-informed decisions—and prepare with confidence

Based on what we learn from RBC WealthPlan, we can choose strategies and solutions that are well suited for accomplishing your unique goals. Browse a brief overview and contact us today to begin planning for the future you want.

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