The LBD portfolio

Like most women, I own many little black dresses (LBD). This story is about one in particular, purchased in 1994, my junior year of high school.  I found this gem at the semi-annual sale at The Gap. After a half hour of negotiating with my mother, this $20.00 LBD was mine. 

Since then I have worn that LBD more times than I can count. It has been all over the United States, spent time in Central America and recently traveled to Italy.  That LBD has endured first dates, breakups, trips to the grocery store and enjoyed wine with friends. It is both an everyday dress and a day to night dress, know what I mean. 

When I imagine the beauty of investing I think of this little black dress. This LBD is timeless. It was in fashion in 1994, it is in fashion now and will be in fashion 20 years from now.  I can wear it anywhere and it will be appropriate for the occasion.

Investing is not complicated. Time, diversification and discipline will keep your Investment Portfolio on trend. Like the LBD, your investment portfolio at its core remains the same, it is the tailoring and accessories that change over the years. 




We feel it is critical to communicate consistently and effectively with our clients.  The financial world is confusing and full of industry jargon, we feel it’s our job to translate that jargon into concepts that everyone can understand. The intent of the article(s) below is to illustrate and explain different financial concepts.  Please take the time to read them and, if possible, provide us with your feedback and questions.

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