Women & investing: plan now for the tomorrow you envision

Women today are an economic powerhouse. 98% of them are sole or joint decision-makers on daily banking, and 84% are fully or partially responsible for the family investment portfolio.* And women are increasingly single, living longer and in line to inherit wealth. 

Despite these strides, women often have different financial needs, circumstances and opportunities than men, which makes it especially important to start planning early and carefully. Consider these four key factors:

  • Women generally earn less than men which may result in accumulating fewer assets overall.
  • Women may interrupt careers to care for children and/or elderly parents, which can further reduce the assets contributed to retirement plans.
  • Women can expect to live longer than a male counterpart, requiring more assets to cover lifetime needs.
  • Women will likely survive husbands and be in charge of the family wealth. This is often overlooked in planning for post-retirement needs.

Yet these differences don’t need to be obstacles. Simply taking these things into consideration when planning for your future can help set you on the right path.

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