The Walker Hall Firlie Group legacy planner

The most common question potential clients ask us is, “What makes your group unique compared to all the other financial planners and investment teams out there?”  Our initial response is that, by design, we work with only a small number of families. Our primary differentiator, however, is our creation and delivery of The Walker Hall Group Firlie legacy planner.

What is the Walker Hall Firlie Group legacy planner?

The legacy planner is an outgrowth of our mission to help bullet-proof our clients' financial lives and to provide a “go to,” cohesive resource for the professionals and family members involved in each client’s life.

A true legacy is a combination of emotional and financial elements, generally comprised of these four components:

  • Values and life lessons
  • Personal possessions of emotional value
  • Financial assets and real estate
  • Instructions and wishes to be fulfilled

Each component merits specific thought and attention when an individual or family considers the way in which future generations will benefit from a legacy left to them.  The Walker Hall Firlie Group helps clients work through the process of gathering, organizing, reviewing and maintaining the legacy planner in an effort address each component listed above. 

The complete legacy planner contains the following items in one convenient, personalized binder:

  • Estate planning executive summary & documents
  • Key contact information
  • Life insurance & business benefits summaries
  • Family balance sheet
  • Wealth management planning goals & investment strategies
  • Key document locator
  • Letters to executor, guardians and family

Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about The Walker Hall Firlie Group legacy planner and how it can help you:

1) Become financially organized for today and for the future
2) Reveal and address any wealth management planning and investment 'blind spots'
3) Design a blueprint to guide future investment and planning decisions

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