Understanding fiduciary services

Serving as a fiduciary for a charitable or nonprofit organization requires knowledge of investment issues and an understanding of how investment-related decisions may impact the organization. Poor execution of one’s fiduciary responsibilities may result in personal liability for fiduciary negligence.

A combination of regulations and governing entities oversee the financial operation of nonprofit organizations. Learning about these structures and the steps that can be taken to demonstrate the prudent management of organization assets—such as developing spending and investment policy statements; rigorous investment manager selection and oversight processes; and comprehensive administrative and record-keeping procedures—is an important first step in meeting your fiduciary obligations.

Fiduciary services:

  • Foundations, institutions and other entities will find our consultative process invaluable in facilitating the process from investment policy statement formulation to investment implementation.
  • The process is founded on objective recommendations, well-researched information and anticipation of fiduciary duties.

Additional resources:

  • As a sizeable financial organization, we have immediate access to home-office professionals in a variety of fields, allowing us to serve our clients quickly and accurately.
  • With RBC as our parent company, we are backed by outstanding credit ratings and prudent management.*

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