Our specialties

Investment management

We manage your portfolio according to your goals and objectives, with consideration to tax status, liquidity needs, risk tolerance and time horizon. We manage the process at every stage, from security analysis and portfolio construction to reviewing, rebalancing, performance measurement and reporting.

Wealth planning

We work diligently to understand you and your financial world as completely as possible. Beginning with conversations and data gathering, we create an in-depth plan that grows and evolves over time, as you do. During reviews, and as opportunities present themselves, we review and test your plan to understand how you might fare if things go better or worse than originally assumed. We always explore the best approach to make the most of the many financial choices you face throughout your life.

When our conversations suggest further work in the following areas, we also provide insight into:

Estate planning services

Whether it’s substantial gifting to a favorite charity, confirming that your family is well cared for, or creating a legacy that conveys your wishes and values for future generations, we can help create a legacy plan that reflects your aspirations. We work hand in hand with your estate planning professional to establish a coordinated approach to this important aspect of your life.

Insurance planning

Insurance needs vary throughout our lives and we feel that confirming your family is properly protected is a key part of any financial plan. Our team members are all licensed insurance professionals and can review existing policies and identify potential gaps to verify that those policies still fit your needs. We also work with you to design and implement a coverage plan that helps protect your wealth and the financial well-being of your loved ones throughout all stages of your life.

Next generation savings and budgeting

We want younger generations to get started on the right financial path. From graduation to a first home purchase and beyond, we share the right tools at the right time and look forward to teaching and learning from our younger clients.

Liquidity and debt planning

The strategic use of credit can be an important tool in your financial plan. We offer securities-based lending, which is credit that uses your portfolio assets as collateral. Whether it’s an emergency back-up line of credit, a short-term loan or a long-term solution, we can build a debt plan that works for you.

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