Investment Philosophy

At Beacon Wealth Management we believe it is critical to align our clients’ portfolios with a mix of investments that are consistent with their tolerance for risk, while ensuring each portfolio has the highest probability of achieving its goals. 

Our approach is flexible and sensitive to personalized needs such as time horizons, income considerations and investment restrictions or preferences, all of which are incorporated in our portfolio design. Other key factors we consider when evaluating a portfolio include:

  • diversification, cost and tax efficiency;
  • strategic asset allocation that addresses the blend of the major assets classes, offering the risk/return tradeoff best suited to your investment profile;
  • tactical asset allocation that takes advantage of shorter-term fluctuations in the markets; and
  • returns expectations and risk tolerance levels.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” strategic asset mix. We blend strategic and tactical asset allocation to create a customized portfolio that reflects not only your risk level but also unique investment opportunities that exist in the marketplace.

Beyond having the right mix of assets in your portfolio, regular reviews of portfolio weightings is essential to the ultimate success of an investment plan. We continuously monitor your portfolio, to ensure current exposures are aligned with expected long-term returns and risk tolerance levels.

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