Client IMPACT System

In support of our beliefs of living a life of IMPACT, we have developed a system to support our clients. By applying the Client IMPACT System’s framework, we create a client-centric management system designed to not only help meets the current needs of our clients but also anticipates future requirements. This approach underscores the importance of integrating services, management and personalizing client experiences, providing accessibility, maintaining communication and leveraging technology to help deliver a superior wealth management experience for our clients.

I: Integrate all client services and data. Use a platform that Integration combines investment management, wealth planning and client communications.

M: Manage clients’ portfolios and the external financial landscape. Implement systems for real-time analytics and reporting, enabling proactive adjustments to strategies based on market conditions or changes in clients’ life circumstances.

P: Personalized advice and solutions. Understand the unique needs, goals and risk tolerance of each client to tailor services accordingly. Use data analytics to refine investment strategies and wealth plans that align with individual client profiles.

A: Accessibility to information and advisors. This includes digital client portals for 24/7 access to financial information, as well as multiple communication channels (in- person, text, email, phone, cell phone and video calls) for consultations and inquiries.

C: Communicate clearly and consistently. Providing regular updates on portfolio performance, market insights and wealth planning is crucial. Foster a culture of openness and transparency to build trust and client loyalty.

T: Technology applied to enhance service delivery and client engagement. Implement advanced CRM systems, secure online platforms, and mobile applications to streamline operations, improve client interaction and provide sophisticated analytics and personalized reporting.

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