The Culture in the Cedar Rapids complex

What we offer here in the Cedar Rapids office is a relaxed atmosphere where our financial advisors are allowed to run their business as they see fit. This is a great office to come to and run a successful business with excellent resources, be allowed to be your own person, and receive support when necessary.

The RBC resources are basically unmatched by the competition. The toolbox here is vast, so brokers can utilize it for business and clients’ needs--whether it is the various platforms, planning software, or our complex consulting team.

As a Branch Director, I’m not a big meeting guy, but when I do it’s for a purpose. We hold monthly current events meetings where we share things we have learned. The average tenure of advisors in our office is 20+ years. With that type of experience in the office they’ve seen all sorts of cycles and we can learn from one another.

We like to say, “We are much smarter office collectively than we are independently.”

We encourage a sustainable work life balance so that you can support you and your family’s needs. And we feel that’s one of the things that makes this job so great, you control your schedule.

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